SKF Bearings - A market leader and multi billion dollar enterprise

SKF Bearings are experts in the development, design and manufacture of bearings and seals. Alongside this they specialize in health monitoring systems, engineering and remanufacturing but above all else, SKF are innovators in the bearing industry and work with customers to improve the performance and reliability of their components where often the smallest adjustments can bring significant improvement.

Types of SKF Bearings

SKF manufacture at plants worldwide and their product range is extensive including

Rolling bearings

Industrial seals

Test and measuring equipment

Mounted bearings and housings

Automotive seals

Vehicle aftermarket parts

Super precision bearings

Lubrication management


Slewing bearings

Maintenance products


Plain bearings

Condition monitoring systems


Magnetic bearings and systems

Power transmission products



Some of the more widely known SKF bearings include the SKF deep groove ball bearing range which includes the 6205-2RSH SKF bearing and the C3 variant shown below.

SKF 6205-2RSH/C3 bearing

And the SKF spherical roller bearings, often known as SKF explorer bearings like this 23140-CCK SKF Bearings.
SKF 23140-CCK bearing

If you have a requirement for SKF bearings then we can help you to locate the item that you require. We have direct accounts with SKF authorized distributors both in the UK and throughout Europe as well as being able to get access to distributor stock throughout the world. Give us a call or send us an email with what you are looking for and we will do our best to help. If you have a regular requirement for a particular SKF bearing or for SKF bearings in general then we can hold them on stock for you and you can have the security of knowing that you’ll always have the parts availability that you need.

SKF Bearing packaging

SKF products are packaged in highly distinctive packaging with the SKF logo and red, white and blue packaging. It’s recognizable worldwide and known by engineers, distributors and OEM’s worldwide for containing a quality, premium engineered product.

SKF 6205-2RSH boxed bearings

In more recent years SKF have expanded the packaging range and have created packaging specifically for their automotive aftermarket product range with a modern, quality look to it.
SKF automotive aftermarket packaging

For heavier bearings which normally include large spherical roller bearings SKF have manufactured special protective boxes to store and transport the bearings, thereby ensuring that when the products are ready to be installed they are in the expected perfect condition.
SKF 23140-CCK bearing packaging

For anybody interested in learning about the history of SKF then follow the link which takes you directly to the SKF site which contains details of their meteoric rise in the bearing industry.

SKF Energy Efficient Bearings

Probably the worlds biggest topic of the moment, energy efficiency is at the heart of SKF products. The quality of the components used with high precision finishes has meant that SKF bearings have almost been more efficient than many of their competitors. Less friction means less energy expended and in recent years SKF have focused on developing energy efficient options to suit the worlds ever increasing need to reduce the amount of power consumed.
SKF Energy efficient bearing

The SKF energy efficient bearing range can help to reduce friction by as much as 30% and thereby they help customers to reduce the energy consumption in their bearing applications. This is achieved by reducing the weight, increasing the raceway length and having a special roller topography.

SKF Services

SKF are more than just a manufacturer of bearings and seals, they work very closely with OEM’s to drive innovation. They can offer services such as :

  • Application engineering
    This involves SKF working with you to develop products that suit the exact needs of each application. Although SKF have hundreds of thousands of products within their range already, new innovations, along with reliability and efficiency requirements mean that there is always room for improvement and design advancement. SKF engineers can work with you on this to find the best solution to meet your needs.
  • Asset Management services
    SKF can offer inventory optimization services and maintenance planning to help improve your workflow and maintenance programs and reduce your spare parts inventory levels
  • Condition based maintenance
    With machine monitoring, preventative maintenance can take place and you can understand in advance when bearings are going to need replacing and build them into your schedule rather than having to repair reactively when problems occur. By doing this you can prevent costly damage to other components which might be caused if bearings are run to failure. Condition monitoring by SKF can also help you to identify other problems within your equipment that may be negatively impacting your SKF bearings
  • Remanufacturing and customization services
    Refurbishing your SKF bearings can often be a very cost effective way of maintaining your components and can reduce the life cycle cost of your equipment.
  • SKF Training solutions
    Having well trained staff always brings efficiencies both in terms of productivity and employee retention. Having your team know how to get the best out of the SKF bearings is critical to improving your productivity and efficiency. SKF can help to identify the skill gaps within your workforce and plan training courses accordingly to suit your specific needs. SKF training courses can either be through e-learning or can be instructor led programs with practical exercises included that reinforce the learning.

SKF Bearing applications

SKF bearings are used in a wide range of industries including but not limited to :



Cars and light trucks


Food and beverage

General machinery

Machine tools


Material handling


Mining, mineral processing and cement

Ocean energy

Oil and gas

Pulp and paper


Trucks, trailers and buses

Two and three wheelers

Wind energy


If you’re looking for a premium quality bearing that you can rely on then SKF bearings should definitely be high on your shortlist. Their product range is backed by excellent online catalogues with tolerances, precision levels, speed and load ratings. Some of their most popular catalogues can be downloaded from the SKF bearing catalogues page

Give us a call today and find out how SKF bearings can help your business or search our product catalogue with the SKF part number to find the bearing that you are looking for.

Further useful SKF bearing information

If you are bearing designer then SKF have some useful engineering tools which can be used for bearing design, life rating, friction loss and much more.

If you have a bearing that isn’t from SKF but you would like to replace it with a SKF bearing then they have a fantastic tool called SKF Croesus. You have to register on their site and confirm your email address but you can then search for your current bearing suppliers part number and the equivalent SKF part number is returned. The system is very fast to use and draws on SKF’s huge database of corresponding part numbers.

Using the SKF search function at the top of the website, you can quickly find detailed information about parts. Our website contains basic dimensional data and product information however visiting the SKF website allows you to download datasheets for their parts as well as CAD data too along with providing a list of alternative products. For example, searching for 6203-2Z returns 24 product results, the first of which is exactly what was searched for and then multiple variants are also returned which include variants with different internal clearances, different cage materials different grease types as well as stainless steel options. This feature helps you to select the bearing that is the perfect fit your application and the search option has a compare function so that you can review multiple options in conjunction with each other and it allows you to highlight the differences between the different parts.

Having worked in the industry for close to two decades, the SKF website is unrivalled in it’s offering and rightly matches the companies image as a market leader providing the resources to backup the high quality product offering that it has.

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