SGL Bearing Co Ltd - Vaderstad Carrier Bearings

The Vaderstad Carrier is a disc cultivator used for high speed tillage and seedbed preparation. The wide range of front tools, discs and packers are perfectly matched to the varying challenges of modern farming with the discs backed up by premium SKF Agri Hub Bearings which have been developed following extensive testing specifically for agricultural applications.

Photo showing the Vaderstad Carrier working in a field

The versatility of the Vaderstad Carrier decreases machine cost per hectare and reduces the number of passes that is required to ensure the best possible start for the coming crops.

Because the Vaderstad Carriers is an excellent multi-tasker, farmers who require a high level of versatility rely on it extensively. Depending on how it is configured, the Vaderstad carrier can be used for five main tasks, stubble cultivation, incorporation, seedbed preparation, small-seed drilling and pest prevention.

Because the cultivator has a full range of disc sizes available, tillage is available from an ultra shallow 2~3 cm all the way up to a 16cm depth.

The Vaderstad Carrier has been designed specifically to follow the contours of the ground. It does this by having each disc mounted onto it’s own arm with rubber suspension enabling farmers to benefit from high precision without any compromises.

A clever Disc configuration in an X-Shape means that the opposing lateral forces cancel each other out resulting in a dead straight run behind the tractor which is perfect for use with GPS controls.

All of the components on the Vaderstad Carrier that operate on the soil surface are rubber suspended which reduces shock loads and increases the working life of the machine. The powerful rubber suspension counteracts bumps and impacts which protects the rings, axles and SKF Agri Hub Bearings.

The Vaderstad Carrier uses our SKF Agri Hub Bearings, OEM Part Number 208062. The direct link to the bearing for the Vaderstad Carrier can be found here

You can see the Vaderstad Carrier in action on the video below

The Vaderstad Carrier Agri Hub Bearings are individually attached to each arm as shown in the configuration below (Item 21 in the diagram)

Vaderstad Carrier Parts Diagram showing the disc and bearing assembly

If you’re a manufacturer of Disc Cultivators and you’re looking for a bearing supplier that can either supply standard off the shelf bearing solutions like the SKF Agri Hub system used in the carrier or bespoke agricultural bearings with advanced sealing technologies then please contact us with your requirements. We can supply either the SKF branded Agri Hub Bearings, our own cost effective alternative or variants from other premium manufacturers such as NSK who produce the NSK Agri Disc Hub range and NTN-SNR who produce the NTN-SNR Agrihub series. We can competitively price as well as offering preferable delivery and service against those premium manufacturers. If you’re looking for a reliable bearing supplier for your just in time operations then please give us a try.