SGL Bearing Co Ltd - OEM Supplier

At SGL Bearing Co Ltd we have 2 decades of experience of working with OEMs in the Automotive, Agricultural and Construction Equipment sectors.

We can work with you on product design or support you in meeting your purchasing strategy KPIs either be reducing your number of stocking days or reducing your overall purchasing costs. We have long standing relationships with high quality factories in both China and India for bearings, bushes and related power transmission components.

Specific experience includes :

  • Managing a portfolio of over 300 part numbers supplied to a major tractor manufacturer including bearings, bushes, oil seals, shims and gaskets
  • Managing a portfolio of over 800 part numbers supplied to a major construction equipment manufacturer
  • Stocking and supplying more than 6000 part numbers to an Agricultural parts distributor whose turnover exceeds 1 billion Euros as of 2022.
  • Reverse engineering, improving and manufacturing products for Agricultural cultivators reducing both cost, stock holding and lead times for our customer
  • Product sourcing and supplier management in China and India
  • Comprehensive understanding of available product materials in China and India and the nearest fits to British or European standards

We are looking for new opportunities with OEMs and welcome enquiries to see how we can support your bearing requirements.