SGL Bearing Co Ltd - 204PY3 Bearing Applications

204PY3 bearing is a versatile bearing used in a wide range agricultural applications such as planters, cotton pickers, mowers and drills

204PY3 bearings are an angular contact bearing construction, designed for use with both axial and radial loads and have good shock absorption which makes them very suitable to agricultural equipment applications.

The seals used within the 204PY3 bearing are a tough steel case on the front side of the bearing backed up with an inner double nitrile lip seal and on the rear or the bearing a ZZ shield type seal with a double backup nitrile sealing lip which in drill and planting applications sits flush to the disc preventing ingress from soil and contamination.

It is used in John Deere applications such as the Pro-Shaft
Photo of John Deere Pro-Shaft which utilises the 204PY3 bearing

Cotton pickers
Photo of a John Deere Cotton picker which utilises 204PY3 bearings

Max Merge Planters

Photograph of a John Deere Max Merge planter which utilises 204PY3 bearings

Quik Trak Mowers
Photograph of a John Deere Quik Track mower which utilises 204PY3 bearings

And the Tru-Vee Drill
A photograph of a John Deere Tru-Vee Drill which utilises 204PY3 bearings

Known John Deere Part numbers for this bearing are :

Other applications for this bearing include :
Kuhn Cultivator – OEM Part number 81001645
Case Drill – OEM Part number 1268017C91, 145161C91, 149157C91, 1969052C1, 492757R91, 493532R91
Horsch Turbodisc – OEM Part number 00240199, 00310104
Kinze Planter – OEM Part number GA2014
Great Plains Drill – OEM Part number 822-003C