Vaderstad Rapid

The Vaderstad Rapid is a seed drill that utilizes seed drill bearings to carry out seed bed preparation, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation in one pass. The simplicity of its construction combined with the high quality of its components ensures a long working life and low operating costs. The Vaderstad Rapid creates perfect seeding results in all conditions.

Photo of Vaderstad Rapid being worked in a field

The single disc seed coulters penetrate the soil with high pressure which results in an exact seed depth even at high working speeds. This puts the Vaderstad Rapid Bearings under heavy loads but due to the agricultural angular contact bearing design the bearings are able to withstand the forces and loads required whilst being backed up by nilos ring sealing to ensure longevity of the bearings irrespective of the soil type.

Because of the working angle of the discs on the Vaderstad Rapid, a really fine soil is produced closed to the seed which is so crucial for germination.

The Vaderstad Rapid utilizes a cast bearing housing with an angular contact bearing insert with a nilos ring and v-seal to help protect the bearing. The OEM part number of the bearing is Vaderstad 420832. The direct link to the bearing for the Vaderstad Rapid can be found here :

You can see the Vaderstad Rapid in action on the video below

The 420832 bearing is used on the coulter disc system as shown below (component 28)

Parts diagram for Vaderstad Rapid showing the bearing and disc assembly

It is comprised of components :
27 which is Vaderstad part number 413545
29 which is Vaderstad part number 405813
30 which is Vaderstad part number 405814

If you’re a manufacturer of seed drills and you’re looking for a bearing supplier that can either supply standard off the shelf bearing solutions or can manufacture bespoke seed drill bearings with advanced sealing technologies then please contact us with your requirements. We can quote