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The most common bearing type in the world. Millions are in use worldwide each day and many thousands have to be replaced annually each year. Single row deep groove ball bearings are available either as open types where the balls are exposed, sealed types where the bearings are greased for life and then seals are inserted to prevent contaminants getting in and the grease getting out and as shielded bearings where the grease is retained and some sealing protection is offered.

Single row deep groove ball bearings are so versatile that they are used extensively in almost every piece of equipment that rotates from skateboards and bikes to cars, tractors and in most industrial equipment like conveyors or food processing equipment. Special versions of single row deep groove ball bearings are manufactured depending specific application requirements.

They are made in both metric and inch sized bearings and with a range of internal clearances which can be utilised to either help reduce noise and vibrations by selecting a lower clearance bearing such as C2 bearing clearance or more standard clearances which cover most applications such as CN bearing clearance or C3 bearing clearance or applications which maybe require greater clearances such as high temperature applications may use one of either C4 bearing clearanceC5 bearing clearanceC5L bearing clearanceC5H bearing clearance so it doesn't matter which you have, the same clearance principles will follow.

Interested in learning more about deep groove ball bearings ?

We have information on different designs for deep groove ball bearings including, single row deep groove ball bearings including bearings with snap rings or snap ring grooves and double row deep groove ball bearings as well as on stainless steel deep groove ball bearings which can be suitable for use in corrosive environments.

If you have space constraints but need a bearing to take more load than a standard deep groove ball bearing then we have max load bearings with filling slots and we also have lots of useful information on deep groove ball bearings that have been designed for specific applications or with special uses in mind like, low noise bearings, bearings for the food industry and energy efficient bearings which are becoming increasingly necessary and popular due to rising energy costs and the need to protect the environment.

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