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At SGL having had extensive experience from almost two decades in the industry we know that Timken have the global reputation for quality, particularly with their tapered roller bearing range. If you are looking for Timken bearings then SGL Bearings Ltd can become your go to Timken bearing supplier.

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We can support you with your Timken bearing requirements by :

  • Providing original Timken branded bearings at competitive prices
  • Keeping stock based on the bearings that you use, for your just-in time requirements reducing your inventory costs
  • Giving you expert advice on Timken bearing selection
  • Helping you switch to Timken bearings from alternative bearing manufacturers
  • Advising you on your specific application with recommendations for reducing the downtime through the use of Timken bearings
  • Reducing your Timken bearing costs by ensuring that you select the right bearings and maintain them correctly.

We can become your one stop resource for spares and inventory management across all bearing manufacturers and power transmission components. We are highly flexible and even if a product is not within our range now we will source and stock it if it helps to make your purchasing easier. We can also help you with your spare parts identification by setting the parts up on our system according to your terminology allowing your fitters or any non-expert to call and ensure that they get the right part the first time, freeing up your engineers and buyers to focus their time elsewhere. We can help by operating an inventory management system for you to ensure that you have the right parts where you need them when you need them.

If you have a Timken bearing that you would like to source then contact us. We have access to stock from Timken worldwide as well as through an extensive distributor network whose stock does not show on Timken systems. Even if you have been informed that there is no availability then there may be stock available somewhere in the world that hasn't yet been used. Alternatively we also supply bearings from many other global bearing manufacturers including :

Timken Bearings – The original Tapered Roller Bearing manufacturer

Using your Timken bearing part number we can find the exact equivalent bearing from one of these other premium manufacturers so whether you can't use Timken because of availability or you need to look at cost savings against Timken bearings then we can help to find the right solution for your needs.

SKF, NSK, Nachi, INA, FAG, NTN-SNR, IKO, Koyo and RHP bearings are all available from us.

Timken bearing expertise

Timken are a diversified brand and are globally recognised for their bearing expertise, particularly the Timken Tapered roller bearings as well as their management of friction requirements and in the power transmission sectors and material sciences. Timken have an innovative approach to problem solving and their engineers engage in complex work to improve the value of the Timken product range for their customers.

Timken Brand

The Timken black and orange logo is recognisible the world over. Timken collaborate with those pushing the boundaries such as NASA and the R&D department pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved. More than 120 years of technical know how is passed on to each of Timkens engineers through structured technical training.

Timken bearing logo

Timken have a full range of engineering tools available online. This ranges from their full catalogue of products with styles, load ratings, dimensions and tolerances to full on engineering calculators for working out the bearing fatigue life or bearing frequencies. Beyond the Timken bearing range there are tools for the Timken range of Belts, couplings, oil seals and chains assisting with both product selection and product design.

Search on our website with the Timken part number that you need. As of writing we have more than 6000 Timken bearings and products listed on our website with tens of thousands still to add. Alternatively give us a call on 01302 315144 or email and enquire today.

Bearing Manufacturers

At SGL Bearings Ltd we stock a wide range of bearings from the following bearing manufacturers alongside our own SGL Bearings range.
FAG Bearings, Koyo Bearings, NSK Bearings, NTN Bearings, RHP Bearings, SKF Bearings, SNR Bearings, Timken Bearings

We back up this range with an offering from other manufacturers including :

INA Bearings, Peer Bearings, Nachi Bearings, Nadella Bearings,

We can however source bearings from any manufacturer. If you have a bearing from a manufacturer that isn't shown above then please contact us and we will source it for you.

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