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Having extensive experience from almost two decades in the industry SKF have the global reputation for quality. If you are looking for SKF bearings then SGL Bearings Ltd can become your go to SNR Bearing supplier.

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SNR Bearing Brand

SNR Bearings fall under the NTN bearing group ownership which consists of the NTN, BCA, Bower and SNR Brands. SNR, originally a French brand was merged with NTN to become NTN-SNR in 2007. NTN Bearings are of Japanese origin whereas SNR founded it’s first factory in France in 1916. Today the company runs both the NTN and SNR brands alongside each other under the NTN SNR brand.

SNR has a standard production range of more than 45000 items which it claims is the largest standard bearing range on the market. SNR are a tier 1 manufacturer and their bearings are used by many original equipment manufacturers. The SNR bearing product range includes :

  • Ball bearings
  • Roller bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Bearing units
  • Bearing Housings
  • High precision bearings
  • Accessories
  • Linear Motion
  • Tools – Lubrication

As well as having a large production range of bearings, SNR also have the technical capabilities to back up their products. CAD drawings are available for all SNR bearings and products on their website.

SNR have joint sites with NTN throughout the world but here in Europe also have their own independent sites in both France and Germany.

The joint production volume between NTN and SNR is 430,000 units every day across 26 production facilities. The company operates globally in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the middle east and had a turnover in 2021 of over 1.1 Billion Euros, employing more than 6500 people. 3% of the SNR NTN company turnover goes straight back into research and development.

SNR Bearings Locations

NTN SNR bearings are globally represented with 29 sites in America, 28 in Europe and Africa, 21 in China, 61 in Japan, the home of NTN and 33 in Asia and Oceania. At SGL we have access to their huge product range and can help to provide you with the SNR bearings that you need.

We can obtain bearings from their extensive distributor network worldwide and if we cannot supply you with the SNR bearings that you require then we can offer you bearings one from of the other premium bearing manufacturers whose products we supply including :

We can support you with your SNR bearing requirements by :

  • Providing original SNR branded bearings at competitive prices
  • Keeping stock based on the bearings that you use, for your just-in time requirements reducing your inventory costs
  • Giving you expert advice on SNR bearing selection
  • Helping you switch to SNR bearings from alternative bearing manufacturers
  • Advising you on your specific application with recommendations for reducing the downtime through the use of SNR bearings
  • Reducing your SNR bearing costs by ensuring that you select the right bearings and maintain them correctly.

SGL - Your Local and Global SNR Bearing Supplier

We can become your one stop resource for spares and inventory management across all bearing manufacturers and power transmission components. We are highly flexible and even if a product is not within our range now we will source and stock it if it helps to make your purchasing easier. We can also help you with your spare parts identification by setting the parts up on our system according to your terminology allowing your fitters or any non-expert to call and ensure that they get the right part the first time, freeing up your engineers and buyers to focus their time elsewhere. We can help by operating an inventory management system for you to ensure that you have the right parts where you need them when you need them.

If you have a SNR bearing that you are struggling to source then contact us. We have access to stock from SNR worldwide as well as through an extensive distributor network whose stock does not show on SNR systems. Even if you have been informed that there is no availability then there may be stock available somewhere in the world that hasn't yet been used.

Search on our website with the SNR part number that you need. As of writing we have more than 2000 SNR bearings and products listed on our website with tens of thousands still to add. Alternatively give us a call on 01302 315144 or email and enquire today.

Bearing Manufacturers

At SGL Bearings Ltd we stock a wide range of bearings from the following bearing manufacturers alongside our own SGL Bearings range.
FAG Bearings, Koyo Bearings, NSK Bearings, NTN Bearings, RHP Bearings, SKF Bearings, SNR Bearings, Timken Bearings

We back up this range with an offering from other manufacturers including :

INA Bearings, Peer Bearings, Nachi Bearings, Nadella Bearings,

We can however source bearings from any manufacturer. If you have a bearing from a manufacturer that isn't shown above then please contact us and we will source it for you.

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