SGL Bearing Co Ltd - Lemken Rubin Bearings

The Lemken Rubin is a compact disc harrow that allows deeper cultivation up to a depth of 20cm. It is suitable for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage even under the heaviest of soil conditions.

Photograph of Lemken Rubin being worked in a field.

The Lemken Rubin has two rows of serrated concave discs with symmetrical arrangements of the discs which allows for optimum penetration and cultivation over the whole width

The symmetrical arrangement of the discs in each row enables working without lateral pull even at high driving speeds. With specially curved and coiled legs, maximum clearance is achieved between the discs which prevents clogging. By having an impact harrow behind the first row of discs the Lemken Rubin achieves intensive mixing and crumbling of the soil while a levelling harrow behind the second row of discs ensures optimal soil distribution and perfect levelling

In the mounted version of the Lemken Rubin, it can be equipped with a depth and transport wheel which loads the front tractor axle when the implement is lifted.

You can see the Lemken Rubin in action on the video below

The Lemken Rubin bearings are available in different sizes which as the Lemken 45510032 and Lemken 45510033 which have a 225mm diameter and the Lemken 45510046, 4551047, 45510076 and 45510077 which come with a 235mm diameter.

The bearings utilize and angular contact style bearing to enable loads to be applied both radially and axially and all components are available individually to enable repair of the hubs or replacement as a whole as shown on the diagram below.