UK Bearing Supplier

There are hundreds of bearing suppliers in the UK, some cater for their local area, some are supplying nationally and others are supplying bearings internationally or manufacturing bearings for despatch across the world.

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We want to become your UK bearing supplier. At SGL we have decades of experience both distributing bearings manufactured by well known companies such as SKF, Timken, NTN, SNR, NSK, FAG and Koyo and we also have an unrivalled experience amongst UK bearing suppliers in developing bespoke bearings, made to order bearings and manufacturing high quantities of good quality bearings for use in a wide range of industries.

We can tick all of the boxes when looking for your new UK bearing supplier :

  • We work quickly, ensuring that you get the bearings and power transmission components when you need them
  • We are highly flexible. If you currently purchase a product that isn’t within our product range then we will make sure that we source it and if necessary stock it for you
  • We offer good value for money, offering the highest levels of service for a fair price of bearing
  • We provide strong service and clear communication.
  • We can help to advise you on where you can make cost savings. Maybe some of your product range is critical and needs the best SKF bearings on the market. Maybe some of your range is not working under such difficult conditions and we can supply you a lower cost alternative to cover those items.
  • Being a UK based bearing supplier we are conveniently located close to the A1, M1, M18 and M62 motorway networks and are able to despatch goods over night for next day delivery. If you have an urgent requirement then we will do what it takes to make sure that your bearings arrive when you need them.

As your new UK bearing supplier we can also

Customise our invoice, delivery note and sales order templates to match your requirements. Whether that’s to meet your EDI requirements or if you just want the invoice to be as simple as possible then we can do that for you.

We will provide information to you in the format you ask for it. If you need everything in a csv file then we will do that for you. If you need bearing delivery or schedule updates with a certain layout then we will do that for you.

If you run your own webshop then as your UK bearing supplier we can help to provide you with the necessary data to help populate your website. If you need product specifications, weights, product descriptions then we can provide all of that information to you.

If you already use or stock one brand of bearings and want a UK supplier that can supply other brands of bearings or help you to introduce your own branded bearing range then we can also support you with that. We can use your current sales information to work out what bearings you will need in what quantities and also help you to work out what your profit margins would be and even help to design your packaging for you. And, if all that’s not enough then your new UK bearing supplier can even hold stock for you and arrange to send it to you as you need it, saving you valuable warehousing space. As a UK bearing supplier we really are that flexible !

Can your current UK bearing supplier source difficult to find bearings ?

We often get calls from customers whose current bearing supplier is not able to find a bearing that they need urgently. Sometimes this can be due to their current UK supplier not knowing where to source a bearing from or it can simply be that they don’t have the time and resources to do so. At SGL Bearings Ltd we are a UK bearing supplier that puts service and knowledge first. If you need a bearing from us then if it exists we will find it. Although we supply our bearings predominantly from the UK we have access to both manufacturers and distributors stock from all over the world. Your current supplier may currently be an authorised SKF bearing distributor but we have access not only to SKF stocks but also to the stocks of all the distributors in the world that carry SKF products. We are an integrated network of bearing suppliers sharing stock lists to improve our service levels to our UK customers.

Give us a call today on 01302 315144, talk to us on our live chat or send us an email and see what SGL Bearings Ltd can do to become your new number one UK bearing supplier .