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SGL Bearings Ltd can provide more than 10,000 different part numbers for tapered roller bearings across many brands and with different cup and cone combinations making well over 100,000 different part numbers.

Whether you are looking for one tapered roller bearing for your own repair job or are looking for us to hold consignment stocks for vendor managed inventory then we have the flexibility to work to suit your requirements. With over 20 years knowledge of working in China we can manufacture bespoke tapered roller bearings or purchase standard bearings and manage the quality control or we can work with our partners to manage stock of tier 1 brand tapered roller bearings from manufacturers such as Timken, SKF, NSK, FAG, Koyo, NTN and SNR.

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Tapered Roller Bearing Identification and Assistance

We can help you to identify your tapered roller bearings. They have a separable inner and outer race, often referred to as a cup and a cone. For an inch size bearing the cone will have a different part number on it to the cup and you would provide your cone part number first followed by a / and then the cup part number second. For metric tapered roller bearings, generally (although it's not an exact rule) you would have the same part number on both the cup and the cone.

If there are no markings on the bearings then we just need to take some measurements, Ideally with vernier calipers and we'd need 5 measurements from the bearing to be sure to match it up correctly

We would take the inner diameter of the cone which we refer to as dimension d
We would take the outer diameter of the cup which we would refer to as dimension D
We would take the depth of the cone through the middle which we would refer to as dimension B
We would take the depth of the bearing when assembled from the top of the cup to the base of the cone which we would refer to as dimension T
We would take the depth of the cup which we would refer to as dimension C

Once we have dimensions d, D, B, T and C then have all of the information that we need to be able to identify your tapered roller bearing.

We can provide tapered roller bearings from all major manufacturers including :

SKF Tapered Roller Bearings

SKF have a wide range of designs to choose from such as :

Single row tapered roller bearings. These are designed to have low friction during movement and a true rolling action and simultaneously permit both radial and axial loads. They are specifically designed to have a long service life and enhanced operational reliability. Some key benefits of SKF Tapered roller bearings are :

  • They are separable and interchangeable
    The inner ring which contains the tapered rollers and the cage assembly which is commonly known as the cone can be mounted either separately from the outer ring and often the cones and cups are interchangeable between other SKF bearings and also occasionally with those of other manufacturers.
  • Reduced temperature running in period

All tapered roller bearings generally require a running in period in which time the bearings experience a significant amount of friction which can disproportionately cause wear in the early stages of the bearing being fitted. This increased friction causes temperature spikes which can contribute to lubricant degradation or evaporation. SKF Tapered roller bearings are optimised so that frictional heat and wear are reduced so long as the bearings are initially mounted and lubricated correctly

  • High precision and consistency of the rollers

As you would expect with a manufacturer such as SKF, the rollers that are used in SKF tapered roller bearings are manufactured to such tight tolerances that they are practically identical. This is key in reducing noise and vibration and provides optimal load distribution in use.

  • SKF Explorer Tapered Roller bearings

SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings incorporate all of the strengths of SKF’s standard range but also benefit from increased dynamic load ratings of up to 23%, reduced early failure by incorporating advanced design features, optimal heat treatment and material composition for low fatigue stress and increased resistance to contamination as well as improved dimensional stability.

For more information on how SKF single row tapered roller bearings can help you to improve your application uptime then check the SKF Tapered roller bearing catalogue below with case studies and test information.

To access the SKF single row tapered roller bearings manufacturer catalogue then follow this link

SKF Matched tapered roller bearings. These SKF tapered roller bearings come as assortments that include face-to-face, back-to-back and in tandem arrangements

SKF Double row tapered roller bearings. Depending on how these are configured they can accommodate axial loads in both directions and heavy radial loads. They are typically used in applications such as the mining industry, gearboxes and hoisting equipment

SKF Four-row tapered roller bearings. These configurations provide optimal load distribution over all four rows of rollers and can accommodate combined radial and axial loads and are suited to lower speed applications. Typically they are used in work roll applications.

SKF Cooper split tapered roller bearings. The split design enables installation in applications where accessibility or maintenance cannot be easily performed. They are usually used in large applications where there are heavy combined loads.

SKF Special tapered roller bearings. SKF also provide tapered roller bearings for special applications including :

  • Tapered roller bearings with solid oil
  • Insocoat tapered roller bearings
  • NoWear coated tapered roller bearings
  • SKF Tapered roller hub bearing units

FAG Tapered Roller Bearings

FAG tapered roller bearings are produced with the Schaeffler group X-Life quality system. All of the most popular sizes of FAG tapered roller bearings are now available with X-Life which have optimised geometrical surfaces and improved running and dimensional accuracies. Using FAG tapered roller bearings increases the overall efficiency of your machines and equipment

As with the SKF tapered roller bearings, FAG have tapered roller bearings available in single-row, double row and four row variants. The FAG X-Life range is comparable to the SKF Explorer range with the FAG X-Life bearings having advantages such as :

  • An increase in dynamic load ratings of up to 20%
  • An increase in the service life of approximately 70% when used under the same operating conditions
  • Up to 75% Less friction compared to standard tapered roller bearings
  • As a result of the lower friction less strain is placed on the lubricant
  • Lower noise in operation

For more information on how FAG X-Life tapered roller bearings can assist you and your application please follow the FAG Tapered roller bearing link directly to their website for more information. 

Timken Tapered Roller Bearings

The original tapered roller bearing manufacturer still commands it’s presence in the market today. Their tapered roller bearing offering includes

  • TS Series – Single tapered roller bearing cup & cone combinations
  • TSF Series – which have flanged cups for housing retention
  • TSU (Unit Bearings)
  • TSL Series with integrated seals, commonly used tapered roller bearings in boat trailers
  • TSRB Series – with snap rings on the cups
  • Fuel efficient bearings
  • 454-Series – Tapered roller bearings that have been specifically designed by Timken for commercial vehicles
  • Milemate Wheel bearings – Tapered roller bearings designed by Timken for wheel bearings

As well as the standard single row, double row and four row assemblies Timken also produce a wide range of what are known as integrated bearing assemblies such as Generation 3 hub & bearing tapered roller bearing assemblies. These are often used in automotive applications such as in wheel hub bearing units and can come with speed sensors, ABS sensors and even their own condition monitoring in some instances.

Through Timken’s exceptional research and production methods they are able to produce Precision Tapered Roller Bearings that are outside of their normal product range which have carefully matched components and also a precision plus range that have radial runouts of less than 1 micron ! For more information on the Timken precision tapered roller bearings, please see a direct link to their Timken tapered roller bearing brochure.

NSK Tapered Roller Bearings

NSK tapered roller bearings as with most manufacturers come with both the standard designs for typical applications and then a high load capacity series for applications which are more arduous. For NSK, these bearings are identified with a HR prefix on the bearing and then a J Suffix which denote that the bearings conform to ISO specifications.

NSK can produce metric tapered roller bearings and inch sized tapered roller bearings in the single row, double row and four row designs and CAD data and drawings  are available across their full range.

Many manufacturers including NSK can also produce tapered roller bearings with plastic cages. The plastic cage material enables a 20% reduction in friction when compared to standard bearings that use a steel cage. These bearings are particularly well suited to applications where low viscosity transmission fluids are used or when oil pumps are shut down during the electric motor only mode in hybrid vehicles. The plastic cages can be supplied in 3 materials, PA46, PA66 and L-PPS which includes special additives to make the cages more resistant to high temperatures.

NTN-SNR Tapered Roller Bearings

NTN-SNR tapered roller bearings include a range of over 3,000 part numbers for both metric and imperial dimensions. They use high performance bearing steel such as carburizing steel which is hard on the surface and ductile in the core as this enables their tapered roller bearings to better absorb shock loads and thereby increases the useful life of the bearings. This can result in a 40% increase in the service life of the bearings depending on where and how they are used.

As well as their standard range, NTN also produce a T7FC range of tapered roller bearings and a range with a D suffix which both contain steep angles of greater than 24 degrees. This range is particularly well suited to motor applications, agricultural transmissions, pinion driveshafts and hydraulic pumps.

You will notice some NTN-SNR tapered roller bearings come with a 4T prefix. These are the bearings that use the carburized steel material and some bearing shave the U suffix on their part number which means that the bearings are produced with through hardened steel.

For more information on the NTN range of tapered roller bearings you can view the NTN-SNR catalogue here.

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