Collection: Combined needle roller / angular contact ball bearing

These bearings combine both the ball and needle roller bearing elements together within one bearing. By doing so, they can accommodate both radial loads and an axial load in one direction and can be operated at high speeds. Because the two bearings are combined they also require less space than other bearing types and so are particularly suitable for applications where space is at a premium. Some key features of combined needle roller / angular contact ball bearings are :

  • They accommodate both radial and axial loads
  • They are suitable for operating at high speeds
  • Low cross section and separable design

NKIA and NKIB are types of combined needle roller bearings with angular contact ball bearings

NKIA series bearings can accommodate axial loads acting in one direction. This enables them to locate the shaft in one direction. For shorter shafts, two NKIA bearings can be used in a back-to-back arrangement. This is because the length of the smaller shaft is less susceptible to thermal expansion.

NKIB series bearings can locate the shaft in both directions with an axial play between 0.08mm and 0.25mm. To enable mounting NKIB bearings have a 2 piece inner ring and these should be mounted without a gap between them to ensure efficient operation of the bearing.

Dimensions, tolerances and standards

Both of the NKIA and NKIB combined needle roller bearing series are both manufactured under the ISO15:1998 dimension system and are supplied with normal bearing tolerances to ISO492:2002. There are some exceptions for the NKIB series which are :

  • The width tolerance for the inner ring is +0.00/-0.30mm for all sizes
  • the narrow part of the inner diameter of the inner ring has a slightly larger tolerance

Internal clearances are according to CN clearances as standard and internal clearances can be found by referring to ISO5753-1:2009. Clearances should be inspected before the bearings have been mounted and before any load has been applied.

Other types of combined needle roller bearings

Our range of combined needle roller bearings includes :

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