SGL Bearing Co Ltd - Horsch Joker Bearings

The Horsch Joker is a quick stubble cultivator with a 3 point linkage and working width of between 3 to 7m. Some of it’s strengths include producing high quantities of fine soil within the germination zone along with efficient consolidation as well as being able to work to both shallow and deep depths.

Picture of Horsch Joker being towed in a field by a tractor

The Horsch Joker is particularly adept at working shallow and fast for quick germination of lost grain and as an effective seed bed preparator after ploughing or cultivating.

The Joker includes an innovative and reliable Disc System with high clearances due to mounting of the discs in pairs and good contour following qualities and effective stone release with maintenance free rubber suspension.

It has particularly long intervals between servicing parts and has excellent soil crumbling capabilities due to fast turning discs with a 52cm diameter. The stable disc angles ensure no side play and the surface hardened discs ensure minimum wear even in the harshest of conditions.

The bearings used in the Horsch Joker are a bespoke design specifically for this machine and are shown on the diagram below.

Image of where the bearings are located on the Horsch Joker

Whereas some manufacturers utilize and off the shelf design such as the SKF Agri Hub Bearing, the NSK Agri Disc Hub Range or the NTN-SNR Agrihub series bearings Horsch have worked directly to develop their own solution to ensure maximum efficiency on the Joker.

You can see the Horsch Joker in action on the video below

The Horsch Joker Bearings can be seen in the assembly below consist of a cast iron bearing housing with an angular contact bearing to ensure suitability for use with both axial and radial loads as well as superior sealing mechanisms for use in agricultural applications.

Parts diagram of Horsch Joker showing the bearing and disc assembly

If you’re a manufacturer of Stubble Cultivators or other agricultural equipment such as disc harrows or tillage machinery and you’re looking for a bearing supplier that can either supply standard off the shelf bearing solutions or bespoke agricultural bearings with advanced sealing technologies then please contact us with your requirements. We can price competitively on price, delivery and service against premium manufacturers such as SKF who produce the SKF Agri-Hub Bearings, NSK who produce the NSK Agri Disc Hub range and NTN-SNR who produce the NTN-SNR Agrihub series.