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SGL Bearings Ltd can provide more than 10,000 different part numbers for o-rings across many styles, materials, colours and shore hardness making well over 500,000 different part number combinations.

Whether you are looking for one o-ring for your own repair job or are looking for us to hold consignment stocks for vendor managed inventory then we have the flexibility to work to suit your requirements. With over 20 years knowledge of working in China we can manufacture bespoke o-rings or purchase standard o-rings and manage the quality control or we can work with our partners to manage stock of that is already produced and available in materials such as NBR, EPDM, FFKM and HNBR.

O-Ring Identification and Assistance

We can help you to identify your o-rings. Metric and inch sized o-rings are constructed the same, just the dimensions change.

To identify the size we just need two dimensions to be sure to match it up correctly.

We would take the inner diameter of the o-ring which we refer to as dimension d
We would take the thickness of the o-ring which we would refer to as dimension CS

Once we have dimensions d and the CS (Cross Section)then have all of the information that we need to be able to identify the size of your o-ring.
In order to understand the material and hardness this is a little more complicated. Ideally you will already know this information but if not then we have some simple tips to help identify the material.
If the o-ring is shiny and black then it's most likely NBR
If the o-ring is matt finished and black then it's most likely EPDM or Viton
If the o-ring is brown then it's mostly likely Viton
If the o-ring is red then it's most likely silicon
The hardness is a little trickier unless you have a shore hardness tester but generally NBR o-rings will be 70 Shore A hardness and EPDM or Viton will be 80 Shore A hardness.
If in doubt then you can always send your o-rings to us for us to check it.

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