Collection: Multi Ribbed / Poly V Belts

SGL Bearings Ltd can provide more than 1,000 different part numbers for multi ribbed belts, otherwise known as Poly V Belts. Multi ribbed belts consist of multiple V-grooves which allows them to be used on small diameter pulleys at high speeds. They are often used in high power transmission ratios and offer a high power output. We can supply multi ribbed belts from leading manufacturers such as Gates, Carlisle, Contitech and Optibelt.

Our Multi ribbed belts are available in PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM profiles and can be supplied as standard types, high temperature usage, FRAS, anti static or as double sided multi ribbed belts.

Whether you are looking for one multi ribbed belt for your own repair job or you are looking for us to hold consignment stocks for vendor managed inventory then we have the flexibility to work to suit your requirements. With over 20 years knowledge of working in China we can manufacture or purchase timing belts and manage the quality control or we can work with our partners to manage stock that is already produced and available to supply to you quickly off of the shelf.

Multi Ribbed Belt Identification and Assistance

We can help you to identify your Poly V belts. Usually the multi ribbed belt part number is printed onto the outside of the belt.

If there are no markings on the belts or they have worn away and are illegible then we just need to take some measurements, so that we can help you to identify the belt that you require.

We can often cross refer manufacturer part numbers to our own. If you need us to do this please send us the manufacturer part number an we'll be happy to check it on our database.

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